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Why a Truck Accident is Different than a Car Accident


 While many lawyers simply bill themselves as "accident attorneys", there is a different set of circumstances that trucking accidents entail. Unless a lawyer knows what these additional things are, you could end up not getting what you have coming to you when you are in an accident involving a truck. For this reason, it is important to seek out an attorney who either specializes in trucking accidents or one that can demonstrate their knowledge of these. Here are some ways trucking accidents may differ.

Blame May Vary

In an auto accident, the driver of the hitting vehicle, and sometimes the car company if the car is defective, may be the only people you can find to be at fault. With a trucking accident, the blame may lie with the driver, the truck manufacturer or even the trucking company. In addition, if whatever is being hauled in the truck adds to the injuries, the company that ordered the product shipped may be able to carry partial blame.  A trucking accident lawyer needs to examine every aspect of the accident in order to determine exactly who is to be held responsible for the accident.

Additional Conditions Involved

In an auto accident, the driver's actions, condition and the road conditions are often the only factors taken into account. A trucking accident attorney will also seek to examine the condition of the truck, whether or not the driver had been on the road too long and should have been resting, whether the time given for the transport was a factor in speeding, if the truck was over-loaded and many other factors. A good attorney will see that all the proper evaluations are completed immediately; including obtaining as much evidence from the crash site that can be obtained.

More Damage

When your vehicle is involved in an accident with a large truck, there is often more, and longer-lasting, damage done to your property, your body and your mental health. All of these things can change the amount of your settlement in court and the experienced truck accident lawyer will know how to make sure you and your family are properly compensated for this additional damage. If the accident is fatal or permanently disabling, the lawyer can work at getting compensation for loss of income, hospital and burial expenses and emotional stress caused by the loss of the loved one.

Final Words

If you have been in a trucking accident, contact a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less evidence there is to help in the legal proceedings. Make sure to inquire about experience regarding trucking accidents.